About Us

Garej Bowydd Garage Ltd was formed in 2012 by Lee Pritchard and Callum Campbell. Both have a passion for the motor trade and keeping up with the complexity of the modern vehicles. Callum and Lee are Imi Master technician accredited. Our aim is to provide dealer level service and repair at independent prices.

We have grown into a workshop of 6 full time experienced/ highly trained technicians coming from dealership backgrounds. We are continuously carrying on with training and development ensuring we are able to work on the modern vehicles.

Have you heard other garages saying they have “Fully Qualified Technicians”? In our opinion there is no such thing as Fully Qualified. Cars and the equipment used to diagnose and repair the modern vehicles today change all the time, therefore the motor trade is something that is constantly evolving. That’s why our technicians are continually trained and encouraged to gain as many qualifications as possible. We are constantly adding to our tools and equipment.