Audi S1 Revo authorised software upgrade

The S1 is essentially a production evolution of the limited edition A1 Quattro and shares its name with the original fire spitting group B monster the SWB S1 sports Quattro. Our order was placed as soon as they became available!

With impressive Stock performance of 231PS and 370NM the S1 justifies it’s supermini staus. However, a few early reviews suggested the car, although quick, didn’t feel as quick as they had expected given its small design and power to weight ratio.

After months of development and testing by RevoHQ, Stage 1 software is available. Power and torque follow the factory delivery, just with increased performance , the S1 has been given the extra vigor to make it feel quick, as well as being a very quick supermini.

Contact us today to book yours in at Bowydd Garage; Revo Approved Dealer.