Hyundai Tuscon in for Dpf fault. Customer had been told a new Dpf required.  Our initial assesment of the vehicle found Pcode P1405 Dpf regeneration failed, this code is a very poor code and can be caused by many factors.

We have various tools for our Dpf diagnosis process including smoke machines, oscilloscope, Pressure gauges, technical information. As being a part of the Dpf doctor we have access to training info ensuring that we are able to diagnose faults quickly and efficiently saving the customer time and money.  We found various underlying faults with the engine that would cause the Dpf to block up. Back pressure at idle was 50 milibar.

Faults were all rectified and then we  carried out our cost effective on car 3 stage Dpf cleaning process. With out fixing the underlying faults the Dpf would block up very quickly.  Our process save us from having to remove the Dpf off the vehicle saving the customer time and money here in Gwynedd in the heart of snowdonia North wales.