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A recharge (or regas) for your air conditioning makes sure that your air conditioning should be ready to use effectively whenever you need it most. Through time and regular use the gas in your air conditioning system will run low and will need to be replenished before the system can start to blow consistently cold air again.
If you’re unsure whether your air conditioning system needs to have its gas refilled, our team of experts will be happy to carry out a free temperature test to see if the air coming from your AC is as cool as it could be.
Regular checks will ensure that your air conditioning is working at optimum performance and makes sitting in your car on a hot day a lot more bearable.
We recommended that you should recharge your air conditioning system with gas and lubricate the system every 2 years to keep it running healthily.
If you are in any doubt that your air conditioning is not making your car as cold as it should be, we will be happy to give your car a free temperature test so you can find out whether you would benefit from a recharge.
Why recharge your air conditioning?
Air conditioning is kept cool thanks to a gas that circulates in the system, making sure that cool air spreads throughout the entire vehicle. In the two years recommended between top ups of refrigerant, a lot can change to this gas, either through usage or through natural degradation.
As well as keeping your car cool and de-misted, using your air conditioning regularly will ensure that the seals stay lubricated, protecting the system against bacteria.

A drop in gas pressure will result in a loss of cooling efficiency as well as making your engine work harder (which, in turn, means more fuel). As air conditioning checks are not covered in your usual service or MOT checks, you will need to remember to have this checked routinely for long-lasting performance.
Here at Garej Bowydd Garage Ltd in Gwynedd north wales we have the latest equipment to work on the R1234YF gas which is in the latest vehicles. For any airconditioning advice please do not hesitate to contact us

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