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Garej Bowydd 3D Wheel Alignment

This service, sometimes known as ‘tracking’, is part of standard automobile maintenance and can help reduce tyre wear and ensures the vehicle travels straight and true. We would also be able to alter the alignment angles to obtain a specific handing char

Have you had your vehicle `tracked` before and when driving down the road the steering wheel is not straight ahead?? The main cause of this is that the setup is just not right. By using the latest Jean beam 3D alignment we can setup the front and rear suspension correct with getting the steering wheel in the straight ahead position.

This is how we do it-

For vehicles with non-adjustable rear suspensions

1. Angle readings are measured at all four wheels.

2. The steering is centred.

3. Front wheels are referenced to rear thrust line and set to specifications.

4. Adjustments are made.

Result: All four wheels are parallel and the steering wheel is centred.

For vehicles with adjustable rear suspensions

1. Angle readings are measured at all four wheels.

2. Rear wheels are set to specification. (Rear thrust line corresponds to vehicle centreline.)

3. Steering wheel is centred.

4. Front wheels are referenced to the rear thrust line and set to specification.

Results: All four wheels are positioned straight ahead & parallel and the steering wheel is centred.

Some vehicle require steering wheel calibration using diagnostic tools to ensure the steering angle sensor is calibrated after a wheel alignment, We have all the equipment here to carry out this procedure.

Our alignment costs start from just £48 for a full alignment.

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review rating 5  Very helpful and understanding lads in the garage. They check everything thoroughly and explain what might have happened and tell you what you want to fix your car. Good job .Well done .

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review rating 5  Lee is an absolute life saver. We were on holiday in Blaenau when our car overheated. The coolant warning light came on. We stopped the car, filled with water (all we had available) and called Bowydd Garage early next morning. Our problem was that we had booked to do the Velocity ZipWire at Zipworld, so Lee lent us a courtesy car, fixed the car, tested the car and explained what had been the problem when we collected it later that day. Our girls didn’t miss out on their day out and my car is now working fine. Thanks Garej Bowydd and to the local who recommended you!

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