.Vauxhall Mokka with Dpf light on P1513 P2453 P253F.

This Vauxhall was brought to us with a Dpf light illuminated and slight lack of power. Whilst carrying out our diagnostic assesment we found Pcodes P1513 Oil dilution.P2453 Dpf accumulation. P253F Oil dilution. When carrying out our diagnosis we found the Dpf did not need a our 3 stage on car Dpf clean.

After carrying out the repair causing the Dpf light to illuminate. we carried out an exteded road test ensuring system is working all fine and dpf temperatures are correct.

By carrying out our initial assesment we kept the repair to a cost effective job by not having the clean on Dpf and fixing the underlying fault of the engine. This proves that correct training and diagnostic methods are essential to keep it a cost effective repair for the customer and fixed right first time here at Garej Bowydd Garage Ltd in Gwynedd North wales.