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A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is one of the lesser-known components in a car. However, although not many people actually know what it is, it’s an extremely important component of your vehicle that needs to be maintained. Otherwise, you’ll face large fines.

Your DPF’s job is to trap soot and store it. They were imposed by Euro regulations to pass tight emission control tests. And, although they’re designed to burn off that soot, they do get blocked.

If you’re found to be driving with a faulty Diesel Particulate Filter, you could face 4-figure fines.

DPF at Bowydd Garage

Client Feedback

DPF Warning Light Bowydd Garage

Why is my DPF light on?

If your DPF light is on, there’s a problem. Whether it’s a blockage or something else, you need to get your DPF checked as a matter of urgency.

If you don’t, your DPF light will start to flash and that usually means very expensive repair bills. So, we highly recommend that the moment your DPF light comes on, you get in touch with us. It’ll save you a lot of time, money and stress in the long run.

Blocked DPF Bowydd Garage

Why is my DPF blocked?

There are many reasons why your Diesel Particulate Filter could be blocked. However, the most common reasons are:

– A faulty DPF light didn’t alert you to a problem
– Incorrect oil
– Failing turbo
– Too many short journeys where the regeneration process hasn’t had time to activate

How do I stop it getting blocked again?

If you’re keen to make sure your Diesel Particulate Filter doesn’t get blocked again, bring your vehicle to Bowydd Garage.

Our award-winning technicians will use advanced equipment to regenerate your system by burning away all the soot.

How much is a DPF evaluation?

You’ll always get our best price at Bowydd Garage.

Our services cover all requirements and budgets. So, we’ll always be able to accommodate you. And, of course, great value – guaranteed.  To have a Diesel Particulate evaluation, it’s just £95.


Why Bowydd Garage?

Since 2012, Bowydd has been providing unrivalled care for Blaenau’s Ffestiniog’s vehicles at a really affordable price.

As the leading, independent garage in the area, we’re committed to the best vehicle care in North Wales’ and a simple, jargon-free service.

If you want reliable DPF treatment done right the first time, Bowydd Garage is the place for you.

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